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JC-Caps® capsules are always made from the best raw material available. Our mission is to manufacture and market the high quality capsules derived from the best material nature has to offer.

JC Caps® unique capsules are results of our relentless pursuit for natural products via science and innovations. All capsules are natural, safe for long term human consumption, scientifically sound, unique and innovative in nature and are Bright‘s gift to the world through the collective aspirations.

You inside.

Liquid-Fill Capsules

Fill our capsules with liquid

The most remarkable advantage of filling liquid into our hard shell capsules is the availability of certified organic hard shell capsules and well received HPMC vegetable capsules for filling organic oils. In comparison, vegetable soft gel capsules are still very expensive and prone to leakage.

Do you really need special liquid capsules?
There are lots of pioneers who tried to reduce the costs of the vegetable capsules for packing oils, including filling our hard shell capsules with oil. So far, all our vegetable capsules are tried and proven that they can be filled with liquid with very satisfactory results. After banding, there are not observable differences between our regular capsules and specially designed liquid fill capsules.

Machine ability with liquid fill equipment
Our vegetable capsules works with all makes of liquid filling machine and the banding machines, no matter you want to fill the capsules with oils or pastes. The difference? You do not have to pay for the prices of special liquid capsules.

Sizes & Colors

Bright JC Caps capsules are available in all common sizes and a variety of colors.