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Bright-Poly Capsules

100% organic, 100% you.

Bright-Poly Capsules  Certified NOP Organic Capsules

Bright-Poly Capsules

JC-Caps® brand Bright-Poly capsules are the world’s first NOP Certified Organic vegetable capsules. Bright-Poly certified organic capsules were successfully developed and manufactured after years of researching as well as constructing dedicated organic facilities and equipment.

JC-Caps® brand Bright-Poly capsules are made with own technologies and formulation that do not use surfactants, such as SLS or magnesium compounds while still maintaining its usual clear and shiny visual appeal.

The annual capacity for organic capsules is 1.5 billion.


JC-Caps® brand organic Bright-Poly capsules are made of:

  • NOP Certified organic pullulan powder
  • Purified water
  • Alginates

About Pullulan

Pullulan is an edible, bland and tasteless polymer produced naturally by fungus Aureobasidium Pullulans and has been used as food additive in Japan for more than 40 years. NOP certified organic pullulan powder is produced by growing fungus Aureobasidium Pullulans on organic tapioca starch and organic sugar.

Chemically, pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer consisting of maltotriose units having average molecular weight between 362 KDa and 480 KDa.

Pullulan is an FDA GRAS material and is listed in following as food and pharmaceutical ingredients:

  • EFSA & FDA a direct food additive
  • EP, USP, JP, CP and IP as a pharmaceutical excipient

Why Bright-Poly Capsules?

1. Statement of organic

Bright-Poly capsules are certified 99.8% organic

2. Good looking

Being organic doesn’t have to look dull, ask for a sample and experience the brilliantly clear and shiny Bright-Poly capsules.

3. Functioning better

Besides the brilliant looking, functionally, Bright-Poly capsules are the strongest known protective capsules against oxygen, moisture and oil compare with all other capsules. Therefore, they provide the best protection for sensitive ingredients against oxidation and degradation.

4. Chemically Inert

Pullulan is chemically inert and there are no known cross-links with APIs.

5. Earth friendly

Bright-Poly capsules are made with water extracted pullulan that has the least carbon foot prints and environmental impacts comparing with other types of capsules.

Backup Science

Besides being the best oxygen and moisture barrier, pullulan film is also impermeable to grease and oils, make pullulan capsules the best choice for liquid encapsulation. See pullulan’s outstanding properties being scientifically demonstrated below:

Protective barrier demonstration

Vitamin C powder, which turns orange when oxidized, were filled into gelatin and pullulan capsules, then left in 50° C stability chamber. Note the marked color difference after 2 weeks.

Oxygen barrier demonstration

Chart shows oxygen volume permeation through 100 μm thick film in one day.

Comparing with gelatin or HPMC films, Pullulan film is the best barrier for oxygen. 

Similar experiments also show pullulan film is the best moisture barrier.