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Happy New Year 2024

We are closed until January 7th, 2024!

Dear Business Partners,

Our office is closed from 27.12.2023 until 07.01.2024 due to Company vacations. We will be back for you from 08.01.2024 onwards.

In case of emergency, please feel free to contact us:
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Do you want to learn more about Bright JC Caps®?

Bright Caps GmbH is the European distributor for Bright JC- Caps capsules since 2014.

Bright JC-Caps are actually produced by JC Biotech Co Ltd. in Shanxi, China* at its fully GMP-compliant facility. Bright Caps is dedicated to vegetable capsules and is very innovative in products and production technologies that makes Bright Caps an efficient, safe and high quality provider of vegetable capsules.

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If you wish, we can organise a personal, free information meeting without any obligations.

Our pharma logistics are located in Vienna and the Netherlands.

*JC Bio-Tech Co Ltd is ISO9001 certified. For further informations click on the small image.

Bright Caps GmbH Capsules are GMP certified

Empty capsules – full of intelligence

Bright JC Caps® comprise

  • Bright Goh-Veg HPMC capsules
  • Bright-Poly Organic capsules
  • Bright Enteric GAR capsules

Bright Goh-Veg HPMC & Bright-Poly organic are innovative capsules because of

  • unique closing system
  • 99.9% guaranteed machine ability on common capsule filling machines
  • certified nonGMO status and shelf-life for 5 years
  • being FREE of Allergenes, Pestizides, Preservatives & Solvents, ETO & Irradiation, Nano
    Particles, WADA prohibited substances and Chloromethane & Propylene

Bright Goh-Veg HPMC capsules are

  • made of high quality HPMC that meets EFSA food grade requirements rather than just meets EP grade HPMC requirements
  • suitable for encapsulating EU certified organic foods products
  • Kosher & Halal
  • plant based and therefore vegan
  • hygroscopic
  • for diabetic use

Bright Poly organic capsules are

  • Kosher & Halal
  • plant based and therefore vegan
  • oxidation sensitive
  • for diabetic use

Bright Enteric GAR capsules are pH sensitive enteric capsules

Bright JC Caps® capsules are compliant with

*JC Bio-Tech Co Ltd is ISO9001 certified. For further informations click on the small image.

Welcome to the world of Bright Caps!

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