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Bright JC-Caps

Do you want to learn more about Bright JC Caps®?

Bright Caps GmbH is the European distributor for Bright JC- Caps capsules since 2014.

Bright JC-Caps are actually produced by JC Biotech Co Ltd. in Shanxi, China* at its fully GMP-compliant facility. Bright Caps is dedicated to vegetable capsules and is very innovative in products and production technologies that makes Bright Caps an efficient, safe and high quality provider of vegetable capsules.

Our pharma logistics are located in Vienna and the Netherlands.

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*JC Bio-Tech Co Ltd is ISO9001 certified. For further informations click on the small image.

Bright JC-Caps

The Manufactory

Located in China, wholly Canadian owned, the capsules are built and developed on a 14 acre campus with ~ 600,000 square feet of buildings. There are 100,000 p/m3 clean GMP facility, dedicated for vegetable capsules only. It also is home of State of the Art Quality Control laboratories, on site Quality Assurance supervision and in-line QC monitoring.

Our R&D team developed the following world’s – first products and technology:

  • Certified Organic capsules
    We are the first company in the World and remain the only one in the World who developed certified organic Bright-Poly capsules.

  • Gastric Acid Resistant (GAR) capsules
    We are the first company that produced pH sensitive coated two piece hard shell capsules that could be used as enteric capsules by snap and close in a continuous process.
  • Developed our own electro magnetic movements
    in our automatic capsules manufacturing machinery. We are the first company that uses electro magnetic systems instead of traditional hydraulic system in capsule manufacturing.

Science Based Manufacturing

We designed most of our own equipment that matches our own manufacturing processes developed and based on our scientific research and validation for vegetable capsules. We source the best raw materials in the world as we believe the best comes from the best. Our products exceed the requirements of what’s called for by the pharmacopeia.