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Bright GAR Capsules

The Taxi for your substances.

Bright GAR Capsules


Bright GAR capsules are pH sensitive, enteric two piece hard shell capsules that provide upper intestine site – delivery of acid sensitive ingredients, such as live microbes and enzymes.

Bright GAR capsules are produced using rotation dipping technology developed by our sister company JC Biotech Co Ltd. in 2013, to provide a location specific and fill-snap capsule delivery system for nutritional and pharmaceutical industries.

Bright GAR capsules are Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified.

We make three types of GAR (intestine release) capsules and offer following two types to nutritional industry:

  • Bright GAR-AS, mainly for US foods and global pharmaceuticals
  • Bright GAR-MA, mainly for EU foods and global pharmaceuticals

How Bright GAR capsules are superior

Compared with delayed release capsules in the market, Bright GAR capsules are superior in the following ways:

Stays intact longer in simulated gastric fluid (SGF), and releases quicker in simulated intestine fluid (SIF)

In vitro dissolution tests as shown below indicate Bright GAR capsules can stay intact hours longer in Simulated Gastric Fluid (pH2.0), and quickly rupture and release contents when enter Simulated Intestine Fluid.

Bright GAR Capsules

Bright GARs are true location – delivery capsules

Th e peak sensitivity of Bright GAR capsules are adjusted to be above pH 5.0. Th is will ensure that Bright GAR capsules only release contents when environment pH changes to 5 and above, the typical upper intestine pH environment of human body.

Convenient fill-Snap enteric capsules – NO LEAKS

You can just fill and close Bright GAR capsules like regular capsules. After closing, Bright GAR capsules become fully enteric, saving you the whole coating process without the worries of gastric acid leaking into capsules.

Cost savings

Comparing to after-fill enteric coating process, using Bright GAR capsules represents significant cost saving when considering costs of explosion-safe facility upgrades, equipments, labors and materials.

Enhanced machine-ability on automatic encapsulation machines

Bright GAR capsules are structurally two layered capsules, and are stronger than HPMC vegetable capsules, that make them run very smoothly in automatic encapsulation machines.

Bright GAR Capsules

Bright GAR unparalleled possibilities

Customized location specific delivery

Bright GAR capsules can be made with varios pH sensitive enteric coating materials using our unique rotation dipping technology that opens doors for custom formulated capsules to target various parts of the human digestion system and offers location specific delivery of the active ingredients. Please contact us if you have a unique product and need a delivery system to make them work.

Customized sustained – releasing formulations

By combining immediate release, JC Delayed Release and Bright GAR capsules with varied pH sensitivity, customized sustained releasing system can be achieved in entire human digestion tracks. The technologies not only fully utilizes the active APIs and reduce active APIs quantities in formulation, but also reduce APIs toxicities by levelling concentration peak and trough in blood stream and therefore reduce chances of adverse reactions.

R & D Support

We support our customers R&D activities by providing testing and formulation experiments in search of a perfect delivery system for their particular APIs formulations.