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JC Delayed Release Capsules

About JC Delayed Release Capsules

JC-Delayed Release capsules are vegetable based, food grade delayed release developed by JC Biotech Co Ltd., mainly for nutritional supplements industry in Europe and North America where customer requires capsules that delay minimum 60 minutes in releasing contents after ingestion. JC-Delayed Release capsules are HPMC capsules coated with acid resistant and FDA approved food grade ingredients (Methacrylates coated for EU and HPMCAS coated for US). Bright JC-Delayed Release is primarily used for timed release of acid sensitive ingredients into to digestion system without any need for further enteric coating or banding. JC-Delayed Release capsules can withstand minimum of 60 minutes in human stomach and can fully release its content within 15 minutes in neutral pH environment. 

Advantages of JC Delayed Release capsules

No leaking of gastric acid into capsules before rupture

Leaking gastric acid into delayed release capsules can destroy its contents before rupture. Therefore, it is a misconception that any delayed release capsule can protect its contents. JC Delayed Release capsules do not leak.

Stays intact 60 minutes (min.) in simulated gastric fluid (SGF), and releases quickly in simulated intestine fluid (SIF)

In Vitro dissolution tests show JC Delayed Release capsules can stay intact hours longer in USP Simulated Gastric Fluid for more minimum of 60 minutes, and quickly rupture and release contents when enter USP Simulated Intestine Fluid. 




JC Delayed Release capsules are pH sensitive capsules

The peak sensitivity of JC Delayed Release capsules are adjusted to be above pH5.0. This provides flexibility for customers to adjust release of releasing locations according travel time of capsules in human digestion system.

Convenient fill-snap delayed release capsules

You can just fill and close JC Delayed Release capsules like regular capsules. No further coating or banding is needed and they are leak free.

Cost savings

Using JC Delayed Release capsules is a more economical choice where ingredients only require delaying its release in human digestion system to be effective, and do not require location release.

Enhanced machine-ability on automatic encapsulation machines

JC Delayed Release capsules are structurally two layered capsules, and are stronger than HPMC vegetable capsules, that make them run very smoothly in automatic encapsulation machines.





Delayed Release delivery

By varying thickness of our pH sensitive enteric coating materials, we can make our JC Delayed Release capsules with customer designed releasing time. This technology opens doors for custom formulated capsules targeting exact timing range for releasing its active ingredients into human digestion system. Please contact us if you have a unique product and need a delivery system to make them work.

Customized delivery system

By combining our Goh-Veg immediate release capsules, JC-Delayed Release capsules (60 minutes) and GAR capsules into one dosage capsules, you will obtain a delivery system with different releasing time and different pH sensitivity. This technology can be used, for example, for customized sustained releasing delivery system that achieve sustained release through entire human digestion tracks where pH increases from 2 to above 8.5. For APIs with very thin overdose toxicity threshold, our delivery system can reduce the active ingredients dosage required by levelling the peaks of blood stream concentrations, this reduce its toxicity and adverse reactions.

R & D Support

We support customers’ R&D activities by providing testing and formulation experiments in search of a perfect delivery system.