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JC-Caps® Gelatin Capsules

JC-Caps® Gelatin Capsules

Bright Pharma Caps has been selling two-piece capsules to the nutraceutical industry since 1998 under the JC-Caps® brand name. We insisted on using the best quality gelatin available, sourcing Rousselot Kosher and Halal Certified gelatin. We insisted making our capsules in a truly advanced pharmaceutical grade cGMP facility.

Our core values are to offer great products at very competitive price. 

Our gelatin capsules are guaranteed:

  •     Best quality USP grade bovine gelatin
  •     Consistent quality 
  •     99.99% machine-ability on all makes of encapsulation machines.
  •     Natural custom color and natural custom color printing.

Size available: #000, #00EL, #00, #0EL, #0, #1, #2, #3 and #4


We only use refrigerated trucking container services when transporting our capsules to guarantee a positive user experience for our customers.


We do custom manufacturing to satisfy customer special needs. We source certified Kosher, Halal and Non-GMO gelatin.

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